7 Reasons Why Your Business Doesn’t Need SEO

So, you have decided that your company doesn’t need or want search engine optimization (SEO). Congratulations, you are one of only a handful of businesses on the entire planet that can make such a claim! Surely everyone would love to know what makes you so special? So far, we can only come up with these 7 conclusions to your miracle…

1. You don’t want new customers or higher profits

Everyone knows that the problem with high value SEO is that you end up with more targeted traffic, more real prospects, more paying customers, and ultimately more profits. Really, what business wants any of that stuff? If this isn’t for your business, that’s ok, SEO isn’t for you!

2. You don’t think people use the internet

You are not on the internet right now, are you? Nope! People don’t use the internet to find information, research products and services, be entertained, buy things, and be more productive. Who does that? You’re totally right!

3. You don’t believe it will work for you

Search engine optimization is just something that all corporate 500 companies are using to expand their businesses. Only they know that taking action in high impact areas creates results and because they do it, that means it can’t work for you. SEO can’t work for small businesses. It’s not actually one of the only ways that a small company can compete with huge corporations. That has to be a myth!

4. You don’t want to be cost effective

Cost. Wait! What? You mean there’s a cost to market a business and make it more money? Oh no! When has that ever been the case? Of course every business must watch expenses, but SEO is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies available. And if you don’t believe in investing in your business to get the highest ROI over time than any other marketing method on the planet, cool, I guess it isn’t for you.

5. You don’t believe in working hard for success or solidifying your future

I thought making money was supposed to be easy! Isn’t that why everyone on Earth is rich and there are no poor people, and nobody works hard for a living? Nobody has to learn, or do real work, or spend money, or look ahead with a plan in order to become successful. So, why should your business have to do it with SEO? It’s only the best marketing strategy to grow a company that exists in the world today. Nobody needs that.

6. You don’t care about your competition looking better than you

Really, who cares if someone in your area searches for the type of product/service you have to offer and your competitors all show up above you in the search engine results?! Nobody cares about that anyway. It’s just a bunch of kids using this internet thing, it’s a fad that will die off soon. Plus, you still have a few of the customers your grandpa brought in back in the 1960’s when he started the company! No need to keep up with your competition. It’s best to stay away from this whole “digital” thing just like the best typewriter company in the world did back when the computer was invented. Hey employees, we’ll be ok, I promise.

7. You don’t want your business found by people looking to buy

Just because someone is specifically searching Google for what you have to offer doesn’t mean they are looking to buy something. It would be ridiculous for them to actively search for you in a highly targeted way and be ready to buy right now. You would rather spend your money broadcasting to anyone and everyone on the radio, TV, phone book, billboards, newspapers, and all the other dying methods of advertising in hopes that one of them is interested. That has to be better because that’s how it worked when you were a kid.

So, yes, it is obvious that your business does not want or need SEO! Is that correct?

If so, then you were right, you don’t need it, your company is immune to societal changes and technological advances. If not, then give us a call and be prepared to take your business to new heights!