Blogging Could be Your Ticket to Financial Freedom

It’s certainly not a secret that blogging is big on the internet right now, both for businesses and individuals alike. In fact, it’s freakin’ HUGE! It seems as though everyone and their dog has a blog (yes, that rhymed). And it’s a trend that is only rising in popularity, so it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon! Thousands of personal and/or business blogs are created every day, and more “bloggers” are hitting the proverbial jackpot all the time.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why blogs are so big:

* People love to read them and are more likely to share them on social media platforms.
* They are easy to update for the less tech-savvy among us.
* They are quite user friendly.
* It tends to be easier to get links to them for internet marketing purposes.
* They are typically easier to attain high search engine rankings for us SEO geeks.
* The average person can quickly and easily start a blog without needing to learn a lot of technical stuff.
* They help local small business websites get found online.
* You can make money blogging!

Many people even trust information on blogs more than they do the popular news sites. According to a recent study, a large percentage of people would rather get their news and information from blogs than from other sources. The idea is that most sources are far from being unbiased anyway, so if you are going to get information, you might as well get it from a blog that fits with your world views.

People looking for solutions to problems they have such as how to make money, debt cures, dog training, business tips, various illnesses, travel advice, and just about everything else imaginable will often turn to blogs for the information because they give a personal point of view from the blogger. They are usually a “been there, done that” sort of thing.

Because of the real feel of blogs, they can also be a great way to sell stuff online and become a business for the blogger/owner. It’s a very natural progression from reading about someone’s experiences with acne on a “skin care blog” to buying an affiliate product about natural acne cures from that same blogger.

One huge advantage that being a professional blogger has over a “real” job is that you can work from home, your favorite coffee shop, at the beach, or just about anywhere else you choose. Successful bloggers can also make a lot more money than they ever would working a typical career. Many top bloggers earn anywhere from $100,000 to $250,000 (or more) per year while traveling the world, or just sitting at their home computers.

Also, the average American spends $2,500 every year on gas commuting to work. Plus, automobile accidents are one of the most frequent causes of death in the United States. Not to mention the wasted time sitting in a car while commuting to and from work. Bloggers can work from home and avoid having to commute, which is a huge time, money, and stress saver.

Stress is a major factor in the average person’s life, but having a blog that is making money for you without you needing to leave your house or listen to a boss can massively reduce stress. Not only can you make more money than you earn working for someone else, but your stress level would be much less. Therefore, making you a happier person!

This “blogger lifestyle” might sound too good to be true, but it isn’t. Yes, it really does exist, and there are thousands of people doing it every day. You can too! Of course, it does take a lot of time and hard work, especially in the beginning, but nothing worth doing is THAT easy.

All you really have to do is find a good niche, research your target audience, set up your blog, learn how to make money blogging, start writing, and put in the necessary time and effort it takes to start seeing a good income. Be consistent and your future will look a lot brighter. Like I said, building up a money making blog isn’t the easiest thing in the world and it will require a lot of work, but it’s more than worth it in the end!

So, where do you learn how to blog successfully? How can you create this blogger lifestyle for yourself? Where do you find out how to build a business out of a blog? There are countless websites/blogs and other resources online that will teach you how. In fact, you are reading one right now. You can also do some searching on Google or Bing for “how to make money online” or “make money blogging” and you’ll find more sites than you could ever get through.