Building an Unstoppable Network!

What is your network?

In very basic terms it is anything that leads back to you and/or your business. What you ultimately want is a network that perpetually grows, once the wheels are set in motion, until it takes on a life of its own and becomes totally unstoppable!

When it comes to internet marketing this is done by building a massive network of content, links, images, videos, posts, profiles, sites, etc… All of which lead back to your business (or you personally). It’s important to work on building a viral network so it continues growing by itself. This is really the only source of traffic for your business that will be nearly impossible to stop, if not completely impossible, which is great for you!

There are far too many business owners that depend on just one or two sources of traffic, and that is simply crazy in this day and age. If one goes down, you are dead in the water. A huge network of different traffic sources all leading back to you in one way or another would basically require a total collapse of the world wide web in order to kill your business.

It’s like building a fortified compound of solid brick houses on slabs of reinforced concrete, rather than a single flimsy shack on wooden stilts. When one part of your network goes down it doesn’t affect you much, if at all. The rest of it is still going strong bringing in plenty of traffic and new sales.

Never depend on one thing alone no matter how great it seems or how long it has been working, because it could disappear overnight. I’ve seen it happen many times with online businesses. They were on top of the world one day and absolutely devastated the next day because of one simple change in their traffic source.

When many internet marketer’s picture something leading back to them, they almost always think of a backlink, but those are only a very small part of what I am referring to when I say, network. What I am talking about is creating multiple sources of traffic that are essentially never-ending and continually grows even without you doing anything after the initial surge. Sort of like a forest that started out as a few small and frail twigs, but now it’s mile upon mile of monster trees with huge trunks that keep growing and growing.

Here are just some ideas of what could be used in combination with each other to get a network like this going:

* Entertaining and/or useful videos that people will share.
* Brandable eBooks to give away.
* Images that people post on all sorts of social media sites.
* Blogs full of quality information that make people come back over and over, and share the content with others.
* Affiliate program(s) that you own.
* Selling resell rights to products with your info embedded into them.
* A service people can use for free that automatically advertises for you when they do.
* Starting your own forum.
* Building a social networking site.
* Free apps or plugins.
* Giving away something of value.
* Building free themes for websites.
* SEO.
* Spreading content all over the net.
* Inbound marketing.
* Active social media profiles.
* Building an email list.
* Infographics.
* Free webinars.
* Podcasting.
* Build free blogs for people with the stipulation that they must link back to you.
* Allow people to host their sites with you for free if they put a small ad on it for your business.
* [insert about a thousand other things here]

The list could literally go on into the hundreds or even thousands of different strategies. The internet is absolutely mind-blowing when you try to think of how many possibilities there are to use it for marketing purposes. And there are a virtually unlimited number of explosive ideas just waiting to be discovered.

When it comes to growing your business through a viral network the fact is that there are ideas and strategies everywhere. There are literally hundreds of different ways to do this right now and potentially millions more that have yet to be discovered. The sky’s the limit, and the ball is in your court to get out there and start creating an unstoppable network for yourself!