Camp C and the VALUES of your PERFORMERS

Steve Jobs – “If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.”

The Feelings from success that come in a short time can sometimes be overwhelming. I’ve seen businesses fail from indigestion rather than not enough business. It happens and it’s true, growing too fast, too quickly, with too much scale resistance, stresses out everyone.

But the success that happened this quickly did not come overnight. They worked up to it.

What wasn’t missing for these businesses were properly designed business systems. A pre-planned, action forward, value driven system that efficiently processes businesses flows such as automated marketing funnels, digital sales, and growing customers lifetime value.

Here is power in having the mindset to TURN YOUR CUSTOMERS into

That’s the goal of every single successful employee and owner.


If you’re outstanding people come first, they attract more outstanding people. 

Do you want your customers to want you, love you, and share you with everyone? 

Of course any ‘bone-head business’ owner should.

But in reality… this doesn’t happen with sub-par businesses.

You have got to SHINE! 

Literally be the endless smiles on your customers faces.

How do you do it?


Get amazing people to coach into being outstanding professionals who makes the day, everyday.

From little red flash lights to NEON GREEN UFO LASER BEEMS, it’s so powerful they will suck you in.

Lol… On Earth we call this magnetic attraction.

And you can get it through these 4 + 1 values.

Just call these 5 values:  CAMP C.

  1. Compassion
  2. Awareness
  3. Motivation
  4. Performance
    +1 = Communication.

That’s it! – CAMP C. 

The beautiful thing is these all can be cultivated and flourished inside your business and gush into your customers experience.  

— GUSH! —

So… you may be asking, where does SEO stand in all this? 

SEO is built with the mindset to gush into your customers experience through compassion, awareness, motivation, performance, and communication. 

You will find out soon how SEO will position your business where customers are looking to BUY RIGHT NOW. Here, you are positioned at the right place at the right time. Be here at the top, ready to help them.

And CAMP C. was created through our understanding and experience of GUSH. We see it happening in our business, our clients businesses, and other successful businesses like Apple and Google. 

We are excited to show you what Compassion, Awareness, Motivation, Performance and Communication looks like in a 1 hour SEO seminar with free lunch.

Come eat with us, I’ll teach you some really cool stuff with search engine marketing that will blow you away.

Trust me, if what you learn doesn’t bring in a 1,000% ROI in 12 months and you love it, I’ll personally pay you $20 out of my own pocket. 

That’s how confident I am about SEO.

You will get a business philosophy designed to drive value far beyond investment. 

So jump in and see what you will learn.

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Ryan Twedt

“When you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. When you teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime. When you teach a man, to teach a man to fish, you FEED NATIONS FOR GENERATIONS” 

P.S. I challenge you to be more successful. Save Your Seat Now!