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Doing Search Engine Optimization for your company will grow your business and help you make more sales and higher profits than virtually every other marketing strategy.
Why will SEO Web Marketing help your Iowa company?

Whether you are a small business or large corporate conglomerate, almost everyone uses Google and other search engines to find information before deciding to buy. These hot prospects are in the buying mode and they are seeking out which company to buy from. Are you in front of them? If you are ranked at the top, you are! But unless you’ve invested in SEO, you’re leaving it up to chance that your competitors haven’t.

The consumer sale cycle has been drastically transformed because the internet is so widely accessible. 90% of consumers use search engines to research before buying and this is why SEO and SEM will help your Des Moines business grow.

Everyone has smart phones and they use them to Search Online for information.  That search could lead to your company or it could lead to your competitors, either way the choice is yours.

If you team up with the right Search Engine Marketers who have 10+ years of experience and specialize in S.E.O. then you can be that go to person or company! Just imagine every time someone searches for the products or services you have to offer, they find YOU!

A great test to find out if you are Optimized for Search Engines is to look for your business without using the name of your company or brand. If you use Google Chrome, like I recommend, open up an Incognito Window so your old browsing history doesn’t change your current search results.

After you bring up Google Chrome in the incognito window search in Google for the terms your prospects might search for to find the products and services that you offer and see if you show up at all…

So, in our example searching for a Des Moines SEO Company – you will see that we rank there. When prospects search that term they can find us and learn about our company. What’s cool is they are hunting us down and this makes the sale so much easier because the prospect is being educated on their own will, they are actively searching, they are obviously interested, and the are attracted to us. In comparison to outbound marketing, this is a walk in the park!!!

Another term our prospects could search Google for is “Des Moines internet marketing” and other related phrases. Let’s say you own a plastic surgery clinic, your prospects might search for something like “cosmetic surgeons in Des Moines” and if you don’t show you up, you aren’t getting that new business!

See, there are hundreds and thousands of different terms to use and they don’t always have to be local either, even though 44% of searches have local intent.

Keywords could be: internet marketing dashboard which then links to

As you see there are other advertising and marketing videos that we ranked on that first page too! You don’t just have to have one ranking… Why not have several pages in the SERPS (Search Engine Ranking Positions) and dominate Google SEO? Even Des Moines SEO domination will bring you in more qualified search engine traffic than you might expect.

Yes, when people are searching online for products and services, they are in the buying mode. They are getting educated before making a purchase. When they are ready, you best be hoping they are on your site because that is who they will call… Whether it’s you or your competitor’s, it doesn’t matter to the lead, they just want helped.

Do you want to help them?

If you do, contact us and we will be happy to help you, help your prospects!

Helping businesses in Des Moines, Iowa is something we are proud of because it’s our home too!

Using the power of the internet to grow your business here in the DSM Metro is amazing and you will love the results!

Give us a call about Des Moines SEO and we’ll be happy to share some of our secrets and get your business moving up the path of Search Engine Success!



Ryan Twedt – SEO Consultant at BAM

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