Healthcare Marketing

The strategy below is special because it leverages INTERNET MARKETING strategies that work really well. Chat, compelling content, and digital sales funnels. We create omnipresence online and serve multiple functions for your business’s growth.

This is key when looking at ROI. Let’s also keep in mind the SCOPE OF TIME when quantifying the value and calculating the Return On Investment.

It’s what all of the fortune 500 companies use to generate HUGE growth in their campaigns. I’ve de-engineered these and reduced them down to help businesses with budgets lower than the millions to rightly afford to invest in now so they can get the benefits now and into the future.The knowledge you will acquire in our meetings will give you direction and insight into crafting and launching uber successful marketing campaigns and business growth.

The value that I drive is geared to create positive shifts in business. Like the $10,000,000 in leads over 3 months like we created for CJM Financial. The video of Tom talking about his business can be found below this page on the last video.

Remember the equation? It’s simple and extremely effective.

  • Traffic
  • * Conversion
  • ^ Relationships

Traffic x Conversion ^ Relationships = Success

These variables are the 20% of the work investment that brings in 80% of the results.
Remember the 80 x 20 rule? Applies here too. Let’s Drive These For Your Business Success.In the equation, we can see the variables to measure with accountability built inside the equation itself. Because measurement is so important, as gift of my capabilities and talent, I connected your website to Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Webmaster Tools. I also installed a SEO plugin to your site. This service alone is valued at over $680. 

Now you have the ability to make better decisions about the websites content, online presence, and marketing campaigns. Sounds pretty cool right? This is the value that I love to bring our clients.

A great way to look at this amazing tool would be to relate it to a similar function in the medical world, without blood, urine, or xyz tests, how could you make a proper diagnosis with a high level of certainty? The Answer: You can’t… In online marketing and digital advertising, this holds to be true. Ask any successful internet marketing consultant!

This Analytics Tool will allow you to have deeper insights and information to make smart decisions right now.From the analytics you Will Learn How People, especially prospecting patients interact with your website and it’s content. This way you will see how effective we are at hitting our online marketing goals. With this new mindset, setting goals for your website traffic to complete will bring the scope of your business goals into alignment with your online presence.

But first… what are your top 3 Goals this year? Quickly share them in the form below.

This is where we get down to BIG BUSINESS.

Below are the recommendations that I have for us moving forward.

It covers 3 aspects of the business growth process.

Local Presence Gets Your Online Presence Started and Shared around the web. This is the foundation for any new business or any business with a new name or location. INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT.

The second part is the facebook direct response Auto Immune campaign. I believe this will provide us with exceptional traffic in getting new clients locally and be an amazing start to growing your online membership content. This will create raving testimonials, provide monthly residual income from the family membership plans, and increase your businesses reach with ever present online content.


 Must Get:

NEW! Business Local Presence Starter Package:
Establish Your Websites Online Presence
Get The Word Out

  • Google Plus Listing
  • Google Maps Correction
  • Online Branding Video
  • Over 50 Online Web Citations Submissions – SEO Starter
  • Online Web Analytics
  • Google Hangout LIVE Webinar Interview With JT
  • Youtube Video of Hangout Interview
  • SEO Optimized Facebook + Youtube + Linkedin Online Post
  • Press Release



Inbound Direct Online Marketing Campaign- 1#

Focus: Auto Immune Disorder Cure
Target Avatar: Soccer Moms 30-40 w/ or w/ family suffering from Auto Immune Disorders

Website Content
Supporting Evidence – Proof! 
1. (Info Post) About The Problem and it’s Effects on the individual.
2. (Info Post) All Available Treatments – Manage Patient Risks Show Cost Values and Patient Opportunity Costs in health and financials losses.
3. (Info Post)  Costs of Being Sick With Auto Immune
4. (Info Post) Current State of Health Affairs In Kansas City

Conversion Sequence
5. Sales Copy Page
6. Opt In Form
7. Follow Up Email Copy

Relationship Management
8. Constant Contact Connect

9. Facebook Ad Setup

10. Data Measurement Integration

Bonus: Survey – Find Out If Your Auto Immune Disorder Can Be Easily Fixed WITHOUT DRUGS or SURGERY?

Investment For Marketing Campaign Construction and Implementation- $5,200

Customer Acquisition Goal: 11 families paying $500/month
Your Estimated Revenue $64,900.00 first year.
Would you spend $5,200 to get back $64,900 in the first year?
OF COURSE, every smart business owner would.

Build the relationships up like you have, these 11 families will generate word of mouth referrals and if they each refer at least 1 family to you, we’ve doubled the growth and return on investment.

If you want to see how this math works out, click a social button below to get the direct link to the marketing spreadsheet. Go Get The Success Equation Calculator and See For Yourself:

Entry Level SEO

As we discussed the value of SEO and how overtime it will grow your business’s online presence like a snowball rolling down a mountain collecting snowflakes, mass, and speed. As the mass grows larger and patients increase in volume, coming in at a faster rate than ever before. We call it ramping up!

SEO grows businesses online presence and gets you the MOST HIGHLY TARGETED people coming to your website.

Since you are looking forward to building a membership platform, having SOLID SEO will make it easier and faster to grow. SEO answers the problems your future prospecting patients are asking Google for answers. You can be the messenger to help these people and for this work they will know, like, and trust you. How easy will it be to ask them to become a patient of yours, after you’ve already helped them? SUPER EASY!!!Watch this video below to see more information about SEO and BAM.

Conclusion: This may seem like you are getting a lot of value for the investment and that’s exactly right. There’s no messing around with business. We are dedicated to providing the most value possible so you can focus on the things you truly love, like taking care of your patients. Let us power up your growth for you while you handle the stuff you’re an expert at. We’ll be focussed to drive in more patients into your business, coach your sales team to close the new leads most efficiently, and power your business to higher success using our proven marketing formulas and experience. When you work with BAM you are working with a TEAM of Professional Dedicated To Your Success.

We know you wont find anything else like this or us in the world.
We’ve proven that time and time again and we want to prove it to you.

Let’s get started powering your next wave of business growth.





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