How to align your company and employee’s values to break through the plateau and experience more prosperity

Cost of employee management, for a service business, is a valuable measurement to continuously pay attention to in order to identify leaderships ability in creating business structure and processes that ​facilitate  success.Cost of employee management indicates resourcefulness and efficiency as well as good hiring and leadership.

How each business defines success is solely up to them but their VALUES must be the driver behind business decisions.

If deviation occurs, trust is often lost and the leadership has to swiftly take action to mediate risk and loss but best of all position themselves in the way for business growth.
When employees feel leadership is lacking, mutiny occurs and yes it always occurs on some level, it’s built into human culture.The key to this problem is Values Alignment and Growth.

When I see a dysfunctional business, I ALWAYS GO TO LEADERSHIP FIRST. They are the captains and drivers of the business. 99.99% of problems the business experiences are because of the leaderships design, assembly, and management.

This is unquestionable truth. A basic understanding of the transfer of emotional power and behavior patterns from the top down will reveal points of attention.
Energy, ideas, and emotions pass and spread like viruses from the leadership because they are the powerhouses for the company. These variables can be positive or negative and always echo through the company.

I then gain an understanding of the leaderships personal values. Look to see how they align with company values and then look for disagreement or separation among the leaders themselves. If there is any, I search to see if any patterns are elsewhere in the organization.

After the leadership alignment identification stage is finalized, I go deep inside the individual leaderships background and family experiences. Seeing from their perspective in order to find these patterns of their past that they are reproducing within the company. Surprisingly this is largely the case and often times the roots of most problems and solutions.

Humans are specimens of habit and what we’ve learned from our parents and families we often unconsciously create in the environment around us to create order that is familiar to us. It’s unconsciously easy and the stuck minded SCREAM “because it’s the “right way” justifying with all the evidence in the world to support their story. Ego checking is a delicate process but unless they announce the truth that there are many ways to achieve results and not ONE WAY of doing anything exists, repetition occurs and symptoms continuously bubble up and wreak havoc internally.

If the business fixes all internal issues before they seep through to clients and community becoming external issues, the business can be saved.

To validate and verify any of my suspicions of leadership’s negative projections, I go to the next layer of leadership down and in a very specific way, create a safe and secure space to let out any built up emotions or feelings surrounding the business, job, and their relationship with the organization. Once complete, we break the pattern from recirculating by perspective shifting. I do this by focusing on what they want and what they feel they deserve.

I then bring into alignment the persons values with what the business values are. When these align and there exists growth pathways for these individuals to achieve their goals and get what they want, magic is made, power is amplified, and the business is positioned to explode!


Aligning employee opportunities for personal growth within the company’s values and company’s mission by implementing a growth ladder creates structured growth opportunities for employees to thrive! When employees grow, their companies naturally do to. They are one in the same.

The next piece that is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT is

  • emotional self responsibility
  • personal health responsibility
  • results responsibility
  • perspective responsibility
  • relationship responsibility.

When people own these and takes on the responsibility of managing these, flow is moving towards success.

Unless these value channels are aligned and responsibility is taken disruption stops the flow of value.

When alignment is achieved, amplification can happen and less waste is generated.

Be It’s Naturally Resourceful. 

This process is NEVER a set it and forget it.

Like exercise, like anything, continuous focus and effort must be invested into this process to keep the skies clear and power flowing.

Be Like The Sun.

Be Power, Give Purpose, Provide Value, Illuminate Perspective, Shine Bright, and Give Life.

This is where prosperity, abundance, and joy resides. :)

Thank you for investing your time and resources into reading this.

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