How To Get 400% ROI For Your Body Contouring Clinic By Buying Leads

I just got off the phone with Mitch Weinstein from Innovations Health and Wellness in Lawrenceville, New Jersey.

Population of his city: 3,870 in 2010
And average median income of $96,000 a year.

Mitch was excited to tell me about his huge return on investment!

…Over 400%

These leads turned his business around – rags to riches!

His leads went from a trickle-in-leaky-faucet to a waterfall of new business and insane profits after signing up for our leads package!

Mitch invested a total of $15,000 in leads over the last 3 months and so far has made over $60,000 in revenue!!!

PLUS, he still has hundreds of leads yet to close into sales.

But it wasn’t just the leads that made all the difference…

Mitch engaged with the leads fast, and he’s using our special automated nurturing system & proven sales scripts that work to drive results. It didn’t come easy but it was worth it.

Before Mitch started with our Body Contouring Lead Gen Program, he was managing a new CoolSculpting facility that just bought their first CoolSculpting machine a few months earlier.

They were struggling to generate leads.
They were struggling to make any sales.
And they were losing money fast!

Their online web presence was below average.
They didn’t have very good google search rankings.
They had a small customer database to market to.
Their social media wasn’t generating them any business.

They tried Google Adwords… and got a trickle of leads.
They tried networking events… and got little to no business.
They were racking their brains trying to find better solutions.

That’s when Mitch found me on LinkedIn and then later searched on Google for “CoolSculpting Leads” and then he saw our retargeting ads on Facebook.

That’s when he knew he had to take action with us or his ‘titanic of a business’ under the debt of their CoolSculpting machine, would continue down the bleak path it was tumbling down months prior.

Mitch had to choose.

So, he scheduled a meeting with me, we looked over his business and saw where the best leverage could be applied.

The answer was simple and we both knew it, he needed more new CoolSculpting leads and he needed them fast!

So, Mitch took the leap of faith and bought the 120 leads a month package, committed to three months and put it on his credit card.

He then followed the process we laid out for him and it worked!

He’s now happy and working with us in his 4th month. He reinvested part of his profits with us, in fixing his website, doing SEO, and building his business using our solid and proven systems — that work.

Now, these are the stories that excite me and remind me how much I love to help businesses succeed.

Because of my work, Mitch’s ROI is over 400% and his business is trending upwards for the first time ever.

Similar to Mitch, is Lisa Hayes in Omaha and Dr. Cherny at Heartland Plastic Surgery. They all were struggling to grow their body contouring sales until they started getting leads from us.

I want to invite you to take the leap with Mitch, Lisa, Dr. Cherny and dozens of other Body Contouring facilities in North America and try out our leads packages.

We know it’s a big decision but it’s also going to be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made for growing your sales quickly.

Where else are you going to get GUARANTEED LOCAL LEADS?

No other company in the world provides this specific of leads, like we do.

Do you want more women between 27-60 years old, who make over $75,000 a year, live within 15 miles of your office, and give you their name, email, phone number in exchange for more information, a special one-time offer or a free CoolSculpting consultation?

Of course you do and that’s why we target this specific group of leads. They convert to sales very nicely.

Ever other marketing agency promises vague ‘results’ and guarantees they will get the work done, but at the end of the day, they won’t promise you guaranteed local leads like this.

Lucky for you, I do and I know the math to make your business profitable too.

I’ve tested over $100,000 in ads for CoolSculpting in the past 6 months alone and I can share all this wisdom with you, if you are open to working together.

I’ve been called many things in my life, but my favorite was from Tiffany Richardson, “you’re the angel in the ‘cloud’ that helps grow my CoolSculpting business!”

There’s no time to lose.

Right now Zeltiq is dropping $67,000,000 in Direct To Consumer marketing…

Unfortunately, for most CoolSculpting Clinics this doesn’t mean trickle down sales, but it warms your local market up and when we do our lead generation, your local market will POUNCE on our offer.

Let’s get your business headed in the best direction, getting you more leads, making more sales, and growing your business.

For the next 3 days only, we are offering free set up for our lead gen package. Normally set up would cost you an additional $1,750 but for the next 3 days, I’ll waive that fee and you can start enjoying more leads coming into your business in less than 11 days.

HURRY! – We only have 10 more spots left open and it’s first-come-first-served.

I’m not a HUGE corporation and can’t take on an infinite amount of clients, but the clients I do take on, I focus on growing their business just like I do for Mitch.

If you want to enjoy similar results, I invite you to get started.

Here’s what you do next, click this link here, select which leads package you want, fill out the application, and sign it at the bottom. In 11 days you’ll have HOT leads coming into your business.

If I can’t deliver all the leads to you, as promised, I will promptly refund you for the leads that weren’t delivered.

If the leads are outside your geographical area, we’ll credit you for those.

You have little to risk and a LOT to gain.

200% ROI – 300% ROI – 400% ROI – Even 800% ROI

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Dedicated to your success,

Ryan Michael Twedt

P.S. Due to the limited supply of local leads, I will only take ONE clinic per geographical area. Therefore, if I am working with your competitor, we can’t work for you. Sorry, but I want to maximize results and not dilute the huge opportunity that’s in front of us right now in the body contouring industry.

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