How to Make Money Online Today Using SEO

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How to Make Money Online with SEO Right Now

Video transcript:

Today I want to give you some ideas for how you can make money online from search engine optimization, or SEO as it is more commonly called, and do it right now.

This is more for those of you with some SEO knowledge and experience, but maybe not a lot. You know what it is and how to do it. You might even be making some extra money from your SEO efforts.

But you aren’t a big name guru with clients beating down your door throwing thousands of dollars per month at you. Nor do you have an empire of highly ranked sites bringing you in a huge monthly income.

However, compared to the average person, you are an expert. And you can use those skills to make a lot of money.

The major problem with search engine optimization is that it takes a lot of time. You have to find a niche, research the keywords, build a site, write the content, find ways to monetize it, get links, and so on. Plus, you have to wait for the rankings to come in, which can take months or even years in some cases.

Then, you have to do it all over again. And often times the money you earn from each site isn’t a lot. So it takes a long time for you to make enough money to live on. In the long run it’s worth it but if you need money now it can really hinder your progress and feel like you are never getting anywhere.

So, what you want are some ways to bring in a decent income now while you continue working your long term SEO strategy. And that is exactly what this post/video is about.

Here are some ways to make money from SEO almost immediately…

1) Offering your services on internet marketing forums. For example, the warrior forum.

2) Another thing you can do is take your forum service a step further and offer it on freelance sites such as odesk, elance, guru, and so on.

3) Fiverr SEO gigs

4) Offline clients. There are likely hundreds of local businesses in your area that need your services. Doing local SEO is typically a lot easier than doing it on a global scale, which is probably what you are doing for yourself right now.

Small business owners almost never know how to do SEO or even know what it is in many cases, but almost all of them can definitely benefit from it. Go talk to some business owners in your area and offer them your SEO services for a monthly fee.

Not all of them will hire you but some will and you can earn a great income on the front end from them while working on your own sites for the long term residual income.

And that’s pretty much it. A few really good ways that you can make money from your SEO skills right now. You probably won’t get rich doing any of them but they can be great for supplementing your income while you build up your own online empire.

Now you know how to earn money by doing seo. Get started right now.

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