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Are you looking for a rockstar search engine optimization consultant?

How about a marketing company who made $10,000,000 in sales for one of their clients in 3 months by doing only SEO?

Let me tell you, there are thousands of people who say they are SEO Consultants but in reality there are only a few good ones. Search engine optimization has changed more radically in the last few years than ever before. Everything that was once widely thought to be SEO before now, is no longer acceptable. In fact, what most SEO specialists were doing several years back was actually considered spam and if they touched your website with those nasty strategies that were old and outdated, chances are you may have screwed your website.  Good luck getting it to rank highly on Google’s search engines now.

First of all, your website is an asset. Start thinking of it that way. Websites are being sold for thousands upon thousands of dollars everyday. Millions of dollars for some websites. Work at home jobs Iowa, a site that Trent Brownrigg built years ago, was sold for close to $60,000. The value of your website is due to several factors and most of them do NOT have anything to do with the websites design.

What drives value for a website?

  • Lots of traffic
  • Ranks highly on search engines for buying keywords and phrases – Search Engine Ranking Positions (Aka: SERPS)
  • The site converts the traffic to leads and customers
  • People come back to the site (Revisit)

To help you get a better perspective on search engine marketing that’s less technical, answer these questions below.

What does your website do for people?

How do you solve peoples problems on your website and provide value?

Do people actually come to your website and engage with it?

Do you know the important analytics of your site?

If you know the answers to these questions then you are on your way. If you don’t, we need to talk first before you continue reading more about Search Engine Optimization.

Great SEO consultants are going to be straight up with you and tell you when you are and aren’t ready to start optimizing your website for high search rankings. They will look at the data on your site, see how your website converts, identify how well the content is written, look at the long term strategy of your business, and then get to know you and your market before jumping into your niche and rocketing your website to the top of Google and other search engines such as Bing.

Let me tell you, SEO is not easy and certainly isn’t something you can do quickly. It’s very technical, very challenging, and search engine algorithms are very-very picky. You can’t just go out and pay some kid who calls himself a SEO Consultant, sitting in his moms basement $200/month to get your website ranked. Nor should you hire a local SEO company that treats search engine optimization like a commodity and gives you commodity like service for $500 a month. We’ve seen the terror that comes from this process and it’s not good. We’ve had prospects tell us we are too expensive and then go out and hire a cheap service who got their website de-indexed from Google.

NOTHING is worse than seeing your website disappear from the search engines. De-indexing is like a black hole, gone into the depths and almost certain never to return!

One prospect this happened to was in construction industry, they got a free consultation with us and then told us we were to pricey. So they hired a huge commodity based seo firm and only 2 months later the construction company came back crying for our help because they were now de-indexed from Google. Even if you searched for the name of the company their new and expensive website wouldn’t come up! Seriously, GONE! Let me tell you, FAST SEO isn’t a reality, it’s a white unicorn that disappears just like that.

At that point, there was nothing we could do for the customers website with that URL. Google search penalized them and it’s best to start over rather than trying to fix that mess. Unfortunately, they had so much branding and advertising in print and offline marketing and advertising they couldn’t justify letting their domain go. They were stuck in a pickle and we wanted to make sure no company has to ever make those decisions again.

SEO is like architecture. Are you going to pay someone pennies to design, develop, and build you a big house for your family to live in? Do you think you get what you pay for? All Real Estate companies know if you invest good money into your properties that are valuable they will get paid back dividends. SEO experts are the architects. Really good professionals will also do the build, because they practice what they preach.

For example: CJM Financial a factoring company in the United States contacted us to get their website ranked on the search engines for asset factoring and associated keywords. If you look on Google you will see that we beat out everyone in the world for asset factoring. Because they hired the amazing team at BAM they were able to make more than $10,000,000 in sales. Their ROI from their investment in us was astronomical!!! They were only paying us $5,000 a month for our services and we generated them HUGE PROFITS!

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