Success and Ideas To Consider

Hey There!

I will be without digital connection in Texas from this Tuesday for 10 days.

I’m excited to go on this 10 day meditation retreat!

Then I will be back in Iowa the following week. :)

When I get back, we’ll start working on our message and pre-sale.

There’s going to be hard questions asked and decision will need to make on our stance and angle on the market.

It’s necessary in order to market effectively.

Please have patience with me and allow me to explain the process fluidly and sufficiently.

I will have finished a framework for these launches in Trello.

By the way, I would also like to to build in a sharing model to incentivize people/users to use and SHARE our app and system.

Building the incentive into a very small but long term % point of every transaction the person they shared the system with, receives from their shared users transactions.

Would you rather get paid for 30 days, 1 penny doubled everyday or $100 dollars everyday?

You will see inside the traffic model, this empowers people with already existing marketing lists, their list of relationships with people who know, like, and trust them. If the person referring is recommending to their audience to go download our app, buy, or share this and that, we can expect a 1-12% of their traffic to do that.

If we remove any pain for signing up, it’s easy, and their audience is in the same niche space we immediately increase conversion rate and build a fast list to remarket too.

Meaning… it’s going to be big for everyone to motivate big players to share.

We need to get our message down clear.

If we don’t know what it needs to be, we Survey our target market.

Then we go after high value relationship to leverage actionable based results from, example above.

Imagine high traffic online posts, webinars, emails, and omni present communication cookie crumbs, linking back to our checkout pages.

Conversion channels = Cash Inflow. 

Remember: Traffic * Conversion ^ Relationships = Success

I think it would be powerful and clear to define on paper,  “What is our SUCCESS?

Success is something, from a company culture, a great thing to share openly and abundantly.

It’s really important for everyone to have a Clear Concise Mental Picture. #CCMP
This can be done online and in the physical.

By sharing the message, people can become addicted to it. It’s catchy! Sparks Interest!

People help out others out of the goodness of their heart, if their values are aligned, clearly communicated back and forth,  and they have the capability to help.

When our success is clearly defined, then the little successes that equates up to the BIG SUCCESS are a much more powerful force and make it easier to accomplish the big goals.

Culture drives people to work beyond money and with their blood sweat and tears.

It’s moving people on meta layers indescribable in logical form.

That feeling is something that I’ve always felt right before a person decides to make a purchasing decision. It happens
right before they say yes. Really all they are doing is saying yes to themselves. I’ve experienced this THOUSANDS of times in my life.

It may be a great idea to leverage our merchant payment module into already existing payment systems.

Utilizing the already existing, BIG shopping cart companies with big customer lists, could be a big aspect for growth.
Think about companies like, quickbooks online, amazon, apple pay, google wallet…

Why would they want to use our system? It creates a HUGE efficiency for them because it HANDLES DISPUTES automatically.

Now wouldn’t it be easier to align our companies growth in way that can be self sufficient but also ripe for buyout?

Or just imagine leveraging these HUGE relationships to build our lists versus the { One -> One Exchange }

The user to user exchange, requires the users to already know about the monetary system, understand it, took action to acquire it, then wants to use it, finds a product/service or something they desire with a person who has or willing to go through the process of knowing about, understand, acquire, use, shop/sell/exchange.

Applying the 80/20 principal – what’s the 20% thing we can do that creates 80% results?

Results in our cases means users, exchanges, purchases, high life time value of a client.

Let’s keep this idea in our minds as we continue moving forward.

It’s easy to help people buy things when they already want it, right?

I see another big need for this system in software licensing. If we can hook this up with software licensing verification there’s an immediate market and need. There isn’t ONE place to go to make sure the software that you wrote has individual user licensing rights.

This is a big decision for me right now when trying to work on licensing for the online interactive and visual SEO and Sales Channels mapping tool that helps people organize their PBN’s  and see their sales funnels.

Back to what we are doing…

Leverage’s app that’s being built is essentially a risk and reward system.

Psychologically instilling insurance through pain and pleasure.

How many players are in each game?
1 to 1…. 1-1-1….. 1-1-1-1-1

Now are getting deeper into digital contracts?

I see how this begins to flow.

I feel like we are very much ahead of our time.
Not against competition but against the market.

I’ve learned a pretty neat thing in my life, technology changes and evolves so quickly but human beings evolve slowly. Learning human beings behavior, psychology, and influence compounds over time and because it evolves relatively slowly, that compounding creates even more value. Where is technology, the evolution is so quick, once you learn and know, it’s almost already outdated.

This begs the question….


Marketers must know, “WHO IS THE AVATAR?”

I built an online activity to help us understand who the avatar is and this way, communicating to them is easier and helping them say, “YES” is way easier.

Anyways… share this with the team if you desire.

Big Love!

Talk soon.

Ryan Twedt

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