Take a Glimpse into the Day of a Young Internet Marketer

What an exciting time to be digging deep into the internet marketing world! Did you know YouTube just changed the way they roll out video advertisements in the last couple weeks? Many of the internet marketing experts across the globe are predicting 2015 to be the “Year of the Video.” Never before have businesses been able to leverage video in their marketing to such a targeted niche of people, their hot prospects. It’s not a coincidence that the BAM team has bolstered our video marketing capabilities and can now offer high quality and professional video packages to our customers!

But more on that later…

Having joined the team here at BAM last summer it’s opened many doors for me to expand and build upon on my networking skills and help collaborate between businesses and professionals across the Des Moines area and beyond! I’ve recently moved into a Business Networking role that will help me play to my strengths and do what I love! At Be Always Marketing we have a strong desire to help everyone involved follow what they value the most. There’s no sense in fitting a square peg into a round hole so it makes sense to help everyone play to their strengths. I have a deep passion for studying and building upon the principles of social dynamics. What are social dynamics might you ask? It’s really exciting blend of Psychology Disciplines, Economics, Group Dynamics and so many other interesting things that go into the human interactions we have every day. If you’re ever around people, you play a part in social dynamics!

We’ll have plenty of time to learn more about that in the coming months. More importantly, on this blog I’m super excited to share with you experiences as I venture into the world of Professional Networking. But first, let’s take a peek into how last week started!

What a week it turned out to be for myself and the team! I could go on and on about how we’ve continued to strengthen our infrastructure, designed and ordered slick new business cards, and brought on clients in new market niches this week…but today I’m just here to give you a little sneak peak into an action packed day at BAM!

It wasn’t another Mundane Monday around here! Just before my alarm clock started blaring I jumped out of bed and ran straight to punch the power button on my coffee machine. I found in order to run at peak efficiency that I could save a bit of time by preparing some of my daily tasks the night before when I am winding down. My shirt was already ironed and the coffee maker had been filled with purified water and organic coffee. By the time I’m dressed and out of the shower I’m perfecting my version of “Bulletproof Coffee.” I like to add organic butter (made from grass-fed cows), MCT oil (for healthy brain function). That’s where the bulletproof recipe stops and I start making my modifications. I was a bartender for a few years in college, which left me find the right balance of flavor in any concoction. I personally like to splash a little coconut milk and natural Iowa honey in there as well! Today I added a little Agave Nectar for an extra little bit of sweetness. For best results I like to use a blender or a milk frother to help all the ingredients get to know each other, but as I was on a mission today I just sealed my coffee mug and gave it a couple shakes! With my new super agile Toshiba Chromebook 2 by my side I was ready to kick this week into high gear!

When I rolled into Ankeny I met up with my business partners Ryan and Trent. They were blasting away at some market research for our upcoming meeting with a hot new lead! I can’t give away their industry at this time, but they are in an industry that we have been interested in expanding to for a long time! Due to high demand for our services lately it is that much more important we do our due diligence on all prospective clients and their industry. Meetings with prospective clients are just as much about clients interviewing for our services as we are interviewing them to be our client. While we finished gathering our notes, we purchased a few domain names within this exciting new niche, and made a quick pit stop for lunch on the way to the meeting!

The meeting went great. When you meet with BAM you’ll catch the group dynamics and synergy right away! We think it’s important to educate our potential customers during this process because often times the folks reaching out to us are looking for experts in the industry. We at BAM are proud to be a resource to prospective clients as they quest to grow their business online. During a quick wrap-up session we put together a targeted and dedicated customer profile before Ryan and I took off to sit in on a planning meeting with the Professional Development Committee for the Young Professional Connection of Des Moines. I’ll be updating you soon on some exciting news coming out of this and other networking events I’ve tuned into!

I’m really excited to share with you the developments that unfolded from an action-packed week of getting involved in my professional community. Stay tuned for all the exciting updates!