Why Improving Your Businesses Online Presence Is Critically Important

If you’re a business, on some level, you need to make money to survive.

But the problem is, business isn’t about surviving, it’s about thriving.

The world is drastically changing everyday and more importantly it’s moving online faster than ever before.

Consumers go online before they buy. They look at reviews, testimonials, compare products and services, ask their friends on facebook, and check out rip off reports and the Better Business Bureau.

Never before in the history of mankind have people been so connected, so intertwined, so empowered with information to take action or not.

If your online presence is bad, you’re losing money, and worse getting a bad reputation.

Nothing is worse than a VIRAL BAD REPUTATION.
We see businesses all the time who haven’t even touched their online presence and are blown away when they see all the content online about their business that they didn’t even create!

Some can be good, others can be really bad!

See, the reputation of your business can be found within 10 seconds of a Google Search.

So you can see how important it is to have a outstanding online presence.

To have a better presence than your competition will prove over and over again as a valuable and important.

When competing online, you’re nothing special to anyone unless you give them value first.

That power of marketing and communications can do this, but only when strategically organized and intentional.

Having a measurable goal is absolutely required first.

Depending on your type of business and the capabilities of your business, your goals should be in alignment with your values and measurable.

What we do with clients is first play catch up… We do an online presence analysis.

Next, we look at their marketing strategies, results, and assets.

Followed up with organizing their information into meaningful information.

We then put together a logistical operations plan.

Establish measurements to track and analyze the businesses online presence, marketing, PR, results, and sales.

Take action and drive our plan until we achieve our goal.

Many business owners and marketing directors ask, WHAT DO I NEED TO HAVE FOR A GOOD ONLINE PRESENCE?

Our automatic answer is,

  • High Rankings On Search Engines so when customers are seeking solutions to problems you can help them with, you’re in front of them immediately sharing valuable help. SEO
  • Established Brand On Relevant Social Media Profiles with ongoing relevant activity that supports your company goals, values, and objectives.
  • Great online reviews about your company, products, or services that you offered.
  • Online Video Demonstrating The CORE Values Of Your Brand and Why Your Company Does What It Does.
  • Social Listening Channels – No business likes scary surprises. Getting notified when people are talking smack about your business can remedy problems and make you look like a loving super hero that you truly are!
  • Continued Creation and Evolution Of Your Business  -> In This World You Must Be Always Growing otherwise you’re dying. It’s the cold hard truth.
  • Beautiful Branding and Compelling Message

We know for a fact, unless you take responsibility for your business online presence, your competition and customers will. Hopefully you haven’t pissed anyone off… if you don’t know, you might want to look around.

Many businesses come to us to get help looking online to see how bad their reputation is or isn’t.
Knowing is the first step.

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