CoolSculpting Leads On Autopilot

The Only Risk Free Way To Generate Leads To Grow Your CoolSculpting Business Quickly and Responsibly Guaranteed!

We Wanted More CoolSculpting Clients, So We Spent Money On Google, Social Media, TV, Radio, Flyers, Billboards... "Advertising"... But It Wasn't Producing Enough Results! Then I Heard About This CoolSculpting Leads Service Online.

But Would It Be The Ticket We Were Really Looking For? Sure Enough, It Certainly Was! Looking Back Now, This Was The BEST Solution We Made!
  • Do What Matters: Get set up with this simple service to get CoolScultping Leads delivered to your business by phone and email.
  • Instant Behavior: As soon as someone local to you is interested in CoolSculpting and want more help, they contact you through our easy system.  
  • Guaranteed: 100% on-time delivery or your money back. These leads are HOT and they want to know more about CoolSculpting right now. 
  • Easy: A complex and technical service simplified and designed to grow your business.

Watch These CoolSculpting Practices Talk About
These CoolSculpting Leads High Return On Investment!

400% ROI In 90 Days
PLUS New CoolSculpting Customer 
Being Sold Right Now!

400% ROI In 60 Days
800% ROI After Zeltiq's
Crystal Rewards Reimbursement

300% ROI In 45 Days
600% ROI After Zeltiq's
Crystal Rewards Reimbursement

The Ultimate Done For You Service

Leverage Our Done For You Lead Generation Platform To Get The Highest Quality & Freshest Leads Delivered Instantly To Your Business At The PEAK Of Their CoolSculpting Interest. 

Watch Your Leads Increase

Track All Your New CoolSculpting Leads With Our Phone Tracking System And Direct Message Conversion Dashboard. Finally, Hold Your Marketing and Advertising Accountable In A Simple Solution That Produces Results!

Unlock Your Market's Secrets

Unlock Your Success By Getting A Steady Flow Of CoolSculpting Leads Coming Into Your Business. And By Learning Their Psychology You Will Know How To Find Their Other Problems To Solve With The Other Products & Services You Provide!

Practical, Step-by-Step Process

We Work Hard To Generate You Leads So You Can Focus On Setting Up Appointments and Servicing Clients. Here You Can Increase Your Customers Life Time Value So Profitability Will Soar! 

As A Part Of Our Lead Packages, You Will Receive A Free Conversion Optimization Audit To Increase Your Customer Profitability

How Does This Work For Me?

Follow This Simple 4 Step Process Below. We Do All The Hard Work To Grow Your CoolSculpting Business. 

Step 1

Purchase Lead Credits Below

Step 2

Receiving Your Leads

Step 3

Schedule Consultations With Your New Leads!

Step 4

Provide Consultation And
Offer Procedure!

Lucky For You 97% Of Doctors Do NOT Know These Vital Business Stats!

If you don't know your numbers
it's really hard to grow your practice. 

The Difference Between Buying Leads and Marketing

Most CoolSculpting Businesses Pay For Marketing Which Adds Another Layer Of Complexity That Is Most Often Screwed Up. Advertising Costs Increase Your Costs and Risk Of Failure. Then Your Marketing And Advertising Has To Produce LEADS. Here, Skip The Difficult Step, And Just Get Leads. Our Lead Generation Process Is Built On A Proven, Time-Tested Model That We've Been Using For Years In Other Industries. Then When The Doctors Came Banging On Our Doors We Responded With Delight. CoolSculpting IS A Huge Wave Of Opportunity Right Now. But The BUSTING OVER TRENDS May Not Last For More Than 18 Months.  Time Is Counting Down and Competition Is Ramping Up. We Must Hurry!

1. Get only results - You don't have to pay anyone to invest 100% of their time to improving your CoolSculpting Marketing to generate leads. We only focus on lead generation for your CoolSculpting Business. Rather the old process of [Marketing, Selling, and then Servicing] Now simply focus on Selling and Servicing. Buying CoolSculpting Leads makes your process more efficient. 

2. More effective - Pay for results and don't waste money trying to figure out how to be effective in Digital Marketing. We've heard stories of clients losing close to 6 figures yearly trying to figure out Digital Marketing. We've been Marketing Online Since 2003. :) Marketing is opportunity finding and we found this business to be one of the biggest opportunities in the cosmetic health care industry for the next 18 months. Our wisdom tells us this is a winning formula. Zeltiq is investing $45 million dollars in marketing in 2016. We know how to leverage that to generate massive online interest. Then we channel it to the right CoolSculpting Businesses. So, you only get leads in your geographical area that took action and reached out for more information about CoolSculpting.

3. If your marketing is working - Keep doing it! But find out what is actually working. 80% of businesses marketing is failing. Take what's not working and supplement your leads by acquiring more. My personal recommendation is double down on what is working, take a portion and try something else that's been proven to work for other CoolSculpting facilities.

4. Buying CoolSculpting Leads is Proven To improve business growth. Work with us to make your CoolSculpting business more profitable. Apply what you get and learn to other areas of your business and see it grow. We want to grow long-term relationships with Healthcare, Medical, and Cosmetic businesses. We believe beauty and intelligence are all one. =) 

How The Math Works For You

Total Percentage Of
Leads Generated

100 %

Leads Become Customers
In 90 Days

10 %


49.8 % Average Customer Decrease In Lead Generation Costs



Every sales professional knows not every lead will convert to a sale. Some Leads take time and most will never buy. The more efficient you become at converting your leads to sales, the more profitable this CoolSculpting lead generation process will be for you. If your staff sucks at sales, hire someone who's awesome at it. It will make your business so much more money. Don't be shy about selling solutions! 

Would You Spend $5,000 To Make $20,000? 

What's Unique About Our Lead Generation System

I'm willing to invest into your business because I believe you aren't the average CoolSculpting provider in your area. Something is unique about you that stands out, and that's why you are here! 

Our leads will help you understand your business in ways you've never thought possible. You will learn where your business has room for improvement in customer acquisition and the sales conversion process. Just going through this math will help you understand where to look to make your business more efficient and ultimately more profitable. 


Worst Cast Scenario - You make zero sales from these leads in 120 Days.  If this happens, talk with us and we'll find the issue and fix it. Perhaps it's the leads or perhaps it's your sales process. We guarantee solutions to real problems and we honor honesty and hard work. By teaming up with us, you'll get deeper insights into CoolSculpting. We work with CoolSculpting Clinics all over the world and have access to information most CoolSculpting Clinics can't get by themselves. You will find, working with us will provide huge opportunities for you to grow. But at the end of the day, if you aren't happy, either are we. Let's find the problem, fix it, and grow! W​e set this protection in place to help you decide if this service is right for you. If you decide that buying leads isn't right for you, feel free to go back to what's working for you right now.

Best Case Scenario - This is HIGHLY un-probable but in the case your sales person is amazing and you convert 100% of your CoolSculpting leads to customers, you will make a more money than any other investment on the planet, and make more sales on other products and services. This is great!

Probable Case - Look at the CoolSculpting Spreadsheet below to see the math. You will be profitable. You will make more money. You will have new CoolSculpting patients whom you've never seen or heard of before. After these new patients get their CoolSculpting Service, if you do what we recommend, you will get more reviews, referrals, and repurchases. Ultimately, leading to a higher ROI than what you see here. Many of our clients buy the unlimited package because they know interest for CoolSculpting ebbs and flows. They want to capture as many leads as possible during these high times and even during the low times. Either way, they know the value of CoolSculpting leads and even those leads who don't buy right away. When our customers continuously follow up with their leads, they increase the chances they will convert the leads to customers. We pride ourselves in providing huge returns on investment for our clients and you are no exception. Try out our service and see for yourself the magic of our lead generation process. Join our club of successful CoolSculpting practices and learn secrets that you've never known before.

Link To The CoolSculpting Leads Spreadsheet

"Proof is in The Puddin"

Local Leads Pouring Into Our Clients CoolSculpting Business
On Autopilot!

Heartland Plastic Surgery In Des Moines, Iowa 50 leads in 8 days

West Omaha CoolSculpting 50 leads in 7 days with the volume turned down to 5%

CoolSculpting Clinic - 320 leads in 2 months With Volumed Turned To Down To 13%

What Would This Predictable Stream Of Leads Do For You?

Who’s the right fit for this?

We’ve discovered that CoolSculpting clinics with great sales professionals to handle the phone calls, leads, and appointments do best with leads and business. Dedicated sales teams drive top line revenue. They are able to work with higher numbers, they specialize, and most importantly they follow up.

If you don't have a dedicated sales team you will still get tremendous value from CoolSculpting leads because they are your target demographics in your local community interested in learning more, getting a special offer, and buying treatments. 

Organizations with a desire to grow fast. Grow smart. And possibly start new locations have a vision that drives them and we fit well into  that vision for success.

Who’s not the right fit for this?

CoolSculpting clinics who think they know everything and don't have to work a little bit to grow. This is not for clinics that that just want to skim by or don’t really care about bringing in more revenue, sales, or improve their business. They have a grim outlook. Their office has a dull or slightly negative environment.

Unfortunately, we don’t work well with these organization because their problems are deeper than we are willing to solve. We can recommend business consultants for this but we focus on driving success. And it’s easier to win races when you have winning teams.

That’s who we are looking for and if you know a few of these CoolSculpting clinics in your area, let’s hop on a conference call today.

Dr. Rosetta

Dr. Konap

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get the leads?
We use our internet marketing skills publish information all over the web targeting people, mainly women, local to your area. We also position information where CoolSculpting prospects are reading and learning from. We connect with them online and ask them if they are interested in learning more. We then ask for their contact information and send this information directly over to you. We also have websites all over online, ranked highly, where people are researching CoolSculpting. We put special phone numbers on these sites so leads can call to schedule a CoolSculpting Consultation. As you can see we use a number of channels to connect CoolSculpting leads with you. 

Who are these leads?
We  target women between 27-57 years of age, with or without kids, and makes over $75,000 a year. They live miles from your practice and spend money on travel, cruises, health & wellness, dating websites, spa treatments, luxury travel, or jewelry. Now, our targeting isn't always this exact but it it's really close! Our clients love getting leads on demand that fit their targeted market and wanting to learn more about CoolSculpting.

When do I get my leads?

It will take about 10 business days to get you set up to receive leads. Once we have it set up they will come in. In larger cities, we will get more leads, much more quickly. In smaller cities and towns it will take a little longer but we guarantee on time delivery. Basically, The speed is dependent on the size and demand within your geographical area. 

What About The Other 90% Who Don't Buy?

Sales is in the follow-up. Studies of Sales Statistics show 80% of sales occur between the 5th and 12th follow up. Nurture your leads like precious seeds of opportunity. Answer their questions. Share stories of past clients. Send them new updated CoolSculpting information. Give them support. And maybe offering them a special price. They will buy. Leads inside your database is an investment and one of the most powerful ways to control the growth of your business. Marketers always say, "The Money Is In The List!" This solution will help you build your list and help you become more powerful at business. 

How Do I Nurture My Leads?

Call them. Say "HI!" See how they are doing. Find out what their fears are. Share fun social quizzes with them that are relevant. Be Cool! Email stories of customers experience with links to testimonials that are on The list is infinite and your marketing department should already be doing this. If not, contact us and we'll audit your business and help you get the direction you need to be more successful. Our consultants have decades of experience and will help you take your business to the next level.

How Many Leads Does Your Marketing and Advertising Produce On Demand?

This highly depends on your service area. The demographics of where you CoolSculpting Clinic is located and the demand. We won't truly know the numbers until we start a campaign and see the data and metrics coming in. If you purchase the unlimited package and the demand isn't available to support this, we will contact you and work out an arrangement that is a win-win. 

After Our First Unsuccessful CoolSculpting Leads Run, We Discovered Our Sales Process Was Horrible And Inefficient. This System Brought A Reality Check To Our Business. After Consulting With BAM! We Hired A Sales Manager And Bought More Leads. Success! Over 1,000x ROI In Our Practice Within 6 Months. We've Never Seen This Before! From BAM's Work We Made Over $1 Million Dollars In Revenue From CoolSculpting and Other Procedures We Perform. 

Tiffany Richards
CoolSculpting Spa

Buying CoolSculpting Leads Was The Best Thing I Have Done To Grow My Business. Outside Of Investing Over $155,000 For Our CoolSculpting Machines. Without Putting NEW Butts In The Chair, I Wasn't Seeing The Profits I Really Wanted. Plus, CoolSculpting Patients Buy Other Products From Us. Without New Leads, None Of This Would Ever Work. We Saw A 50% Decrease In Appointment Costs. This Is HUGE Because Our Marketing Is Now Built In A Logical Way That Makes Sense. Buy Leads. Set Up Appointments. Provide CoolSculpting Services. Rinse and Repeat.  

Dr. James Cameron 
Plastic Surgeon & CoolSculpting Clinic

Let's Get Started!


Monthly CoolSculpting Leads
On Autopilot

50 Leads Per Month

  • Immediate Fresh Leads
  • Guaranteed Local
  • Perfect Target Market
  • Email Nurtured
  •  SEO Links To Your Site


$1,750 Set Up Fee

3 Month Minimum


Monthly CoolSculpting Leads
On Autopilot

110 Leads Per Month

  • Immediate Fresh Leads
  • Guaranteed Local
  • Perfect Target Market
  • Email Nurtured
  • Sms Nurtured
  • SEO Links To Your Site


$1,750 Set Up Fee

3 Month Minimum


Monthly CoolSculpting Leads
On Autopilot

Unlimited Leads + SEO
Client Pays For Traffic

  • Immediate Fresh Leads
  • Guaranteed Local
  • Perfect Target Market
  • Email Nurtured
  • Sms Nurtured
  • SEO Links To Your Site

$15,000 /month

$1,750 Set Up Fee

3 Month Minimum


We Guarantee the on time delivery of these CoolSculpting Leads. You will receive local leads immediately upon the peak of their active behavior online and at their highest level of interest. This is perfect for you! But as you read above, not all leads are created equal and it requires your sales teams expertise to help convert the leads into buyers.

We guarantee our leads are local and come in on time. We are also happy to help you with your sales conversion processes as we found most medical facilities don't have a true focus or expertise in sales and marketing. We strive to build life-long business relationships and want to work with honest and loyal businesses. If you are honest and wanting to grow your business, we'll be a great fit together. 

We are the only CoolSculpting leads service on Earth that specializes in providing Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Medical Spas​, and other CoolSculpting Providers with the highest quality Local Leads. We only work with a few practices per geographical area.

Warning: We do NOT work with competing practices as this is a conflict of interest for our business and yours. If our targeting has any overlap with a competitor we will contact both of you for approval. If our current clients say, "No" to you being brought on, we will honor their wishes, just like we'll honor yours if this comes up in the future. 

Our clinics love our work, appreciate the results we provide, and ultimately hire us for more services as our data driven, human approach to marketing is irresistible to consumers and this is why. 

When you are ready to get started, click the button below and let's start growing your CoolSculpting Practice!