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Making Money Drinking CoffeeHey there buddy, Ryan Twedt here. Welcome!

Before I get to my honest review of Slingly, and give you $3,600 worth of free software bonuses, I have a few things I want to share with you…

10 years ago, I was much like you, trying to find “THE WAY” to make money online so that I could work from anywhere in the world all from a laptop, internet connection and simply clicking a few buttons on a mouse.

But unlike you, hopefully after you finish reading this, you won’t have to go waste hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to figure out “the best way” to make money online. In this blog post, I’m going to share with you the secrets to getting success in months, not years. If you follow this step-by-step process you too will start seeing money coming into your bank account on autopilot.

But first thing first, here are the things you shouldn’t be doing… Stop selling yourself short. You can do that. You will create your own success and own failures. Expect them and learn from them, they are blessings. Online businesses aren’t hard. It’s actually easier to do than what everyone makes it out to be. The hardest part to manage is yourself. Some days you will feel on top of the world, others you will question and doubt everything… This doubt is what kills everyone. It killed me for years. It’s what pushed me from one project to the next to the next. It’s called “shiny object syndrome” and it will kill your spirit, put you in debt, and derail your success.

Stick with me till the end of this post and prove to yourself you won’t get nabbed by “shiny object syndrome”.

Next, focus on products. Stop putting yourself in golden handcuffs by doing client work. Client work can bring you in fast cash but it will enslave you to the will of your clients. You essentially just create another JOB for yourself – except it’s worse in some ways. Their demands, ignorance, and the scope creep will eat you alive. By focusing on products, you remove yourself from being linked to time in exchange for money. When you can detach your time from making money, the whole game changes.

You start to taste the sweetness of freedom. Then from here each little bit of time you invest into your product based business equates to exponentially more wealth. Lucky for you in today’s age, technology has gotten SO EASY to use to sell products online. In fact, shopping carts like shopify will have you set up in a day, selling products you don’t have to own or buy. There’s even a little known way to building an online store that creates little to no risk for you. Gone are the days of buying tens of thousands of dollars in inventory only to find out; no one wants to buy.

This way, will get you sales before you even touch the buy now button.

Ok, so you are starting to see the light here. There are over 7 billion people on the planet. Over 320 million in the US. 1 billion people are on facebook. 100 million use instagram everyday. 3.5 billion searches a day on Google. 1.2 Trillion dollars of US currency floating around the world everyday.

Can you see the size of this opportunity? It’s huge!

More and more people are buying products online everyday. In fact 80% of American’s buy products online and do lots of their shopping online. That’s about 256 million people buying products online and that’s JUST IN AMERICA.

So, how do you guarantee your products sell online?

It’s easy. It’s math and a little bit of psychology. All of which you can learn the hard way by trial and error… spending hundreds or even thousands of hours, over the span of years, trying to figure out. Or you can speed up your learning curve, and get results in just months – if not weeks.

Women like Samantha Murphy, did exactly this and made Slingly Resultsover $16,000 in just 30 days!  If she doesn’t do anything else and just let’s her business run, she can expect to make $198,000/year.

Or like my Step Sister who set up a bridal shop online and making another $30,000 year while raising her kids. She’s a stay at home mom and doesn’t have a lot of time, energy, or expertise to run a full time business so this part time opportunity actually replaced her full time income and now she can spend time with her babies. :)

How would you like to make that kind of money all from clicking some buttons on your laptop and enjoying a cup of coffee by the pool?

Interestingly enough, that’s what I’m doing right now.

Making money online has given me and thousands of other people just like you and I the freedom to be anywhere, go anywhere, and do anything we like whenever we like. We aren’t tied to a desk job reporting to a boss who undervalues us and expects too much.

There’s a special feeling waking up each morning checking your bank account to see you made money in your sleep. It’s also fun to try and spend more money than what you are making in a month, only to run out of stuff to buy. There’s always more expensive things to purchase like Bentleys, Lambo’s, Jets, or a Sports Team but for everyday people like you and I, freedom with a side order of luxury are often good enough.

Sure if you have goals to buy sports teams or drive exotic cars, you can achieve these too with some more hard work, and building several of these product based online businesses. People like Alex Becker… Greedy bastard, but he’s rich as shit and made over $102,000 from this system in just a few weeks.

So you might be wondering, “What is this system?”

Great question, and I’ll get to that here in a second but let me give you a word of warning. There are thousands of people recommending this or that. You are smart and intelligent enough to decide what’s real and what isn’t. So, always follow your gut response. Listen to your heart. And recognize when fear is stepping in your way. I let fear drive me and that caused me a lot of pain and heartache. I lost my first marriage because of this fear. It drove me to do stupid stuff like falling victim to “shiny object syndrome.”

Stay focused with me here…

Science has proven over and over again that having people around you who are doing what you are doing with coaches to help you stay accountable will provide you enough guidance to get your first 100k online. After you hit the 100k online barrier, you will actually realize the community and coaches were the biggest factor in your success.

Going at this all alone can be scary, lonesome, and hard especially when you run into roadblocks. Having people around you to answer you questions, in just a few minutes, makes everything so much easier. You don’t have to scour the web for answers. You don’t have to beg guru’s online to share their secrets. When you are part of a team, follow a proven path, and have coaches to help keep you accountable, it’s damn near impossible to fail. This does come at a price though.

In comparison to losing hundreds of thousands a dollars from doing the wrong things, it’s actually cheap and worth it by a factor of 100.

So, how do you surround yourself with a community of people who will support you to success? You can create one or join one.

If you create one, you will do like I did and find that you are surrounded with people who are as ignorant as you trying to share ignorant information that doesn’t work. You are actually better off being by yourself, trusting your own instincts, than listening to a pack of mob mentality people losing track of their asses.

The only true solution is joining a group that is lead by successful mentors who have done what you are set out to accomplish.

This is where you will discover that mixing product based online businesses while surrounding yourself with a team of successful rockstars, success is inevitable. Unless you fuck it up… then you have the team to help guide you back to reality.

Where do you find this group?

That’s why I’m writing you this post. To share the exclusive group of successful online entrepreneurs who are available and willing to help you grow your business. They are much like me, we’ve hit success and just want to share our path with others so you can find freedom too.

Introducing Commercify 2.0 (aka Slingly)…

This is by invitation only and you have to use this special link to get access.

Click Here To Join Slingly Before They Close The Doors. 

But before you go clicking and joining in I do want to give you a word of warning. It’s not free. It will cost you way less than $10,000 and the cool thing is, they don’t ask for shares in your business. They won’t ask for you to give up a percentage of your profits. You simply pay them to join, learn the process, get trained, and get off on all your future success.

If you started a franchise business you would expect to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees plus percentages of the profits. Just McDonald’s alone, you have to pay up front, $1,000,000 — can someone like you afford that just to start a business? Hell no!

So, why do people pay for McDonald’s franchises? Because they are proven to work.

Just like this program. It’s proven to work. Just read all the testimonials.

Now, this program won’t even cost you $10,000 like my last semester of college… It will cost you about 1/5th of that. Which is insanely CHEAP if you compare it to all the other alternatives.

What is Slingly?

The platform and training will help you overcome one of the biggest hurdles when running successful E-Commerce shops. Don’t worry about the tech heavy components set up on various sales platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Click Funnels, also fulfilling these items and working out profitable margins. Slingly (commercify 2) has solved those issues with a done for you platform!

  • Slingly is proven, we used the original software (commercify 1) in our own business to generate multiple 6 figures in revenue online. You now have the opportunity to do the same — except with an even better system that has improved on an already spectacular product.
  • They took care of all the tedious and time consuming things that stop people from getting into ecommerce or scaling it up so this is a “NO EXCUSES” platform.
  • The commercify version 1 release created results for many students and raving fans that use the platform every day. This is time tested. People LOVE it and version 2 (slingly) is even better.
  • This is changing peoples lives every day by giving them a system where they can build their assets and deploy to many leading selling platforms. Commercify/Slingly is truly the “eCom Easy Button” for people of all ages, locations, abilities, and walks of life!


I call it a “Shopify Business in a Box” that has everything you need to start making money online now!

Can you believe it? Software- Training- Community- Proven Path For Success… It’s all here.

Everything that I wanted 10 years ago.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime.

If you are looking to figure out how to make money online.

STOP looking and join this program.

You have nothing to lose because they offer a risk free guarantee.

Plus, as a bonus for joining, I’ll give you an amazing tool you can’t get anywhere else. I designed this bonus software to track business metrics automatically so I don’t have to spend hours and hours every day looking at the health of my business.

After you join Slingly through this special Slingly invite link, send me the receipt and I’ll send you lifetime access to

This amazing dashboard software costs $300/month and all my clients are happy to pay for it because it gives them the information to make million dollar decisions that reduces risk, make ridiculous profits, and enjoy the convenience of data on demand.

In one year alone, the dashboard is worth $3,600 which is roughly DOUBLE the cost of Slingly.

Why am I giving you this?

Because I want you to get the freedom you deserve. Combining Slingly and will help you reach freedom faster than you thought possible.

Word of warning:
By not taking action right now, and buying you are pushing this decision down the road. It’s too easy to fall victim to “shiny object syndrome” and find yourself lonely in a basement of your parents house trying to figure out how to make enough money to put money down on the deposit for a 1 bedroom apartment in the slums. I was there… It sucked. Don’t be like I was. Too prideful to ask for help and thinking I could do it all by myself.

That’s the biggest misconception in building a business. No entrepreneur or business owner ever built a business by themselves. People are always a part of it, one way or another.

Take this seriously. Take yourself seriously. Invest in your success. It’s worth it.

You’re worth it!

Click here to join Slingly now



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Dedicated to your success,
Ryan Twedt and the BAM team

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