SEO Keyword Research

At the heart of every great Search Engine Optimization Campaign there is a genius behind the red curtain doing keyword analysis, research, and testing. All great SEO’rs are looking for AMAZING keywords as they are the heart and soul of Search Engine Optimization. With out great SEO KEYWORD RESEARCH your whole campaign is dead.

Sure just about anyone could rank for any easy keyword, but the issue is no one searches for those easy keywords.

This is where the psychology of SEO matters. Knowing EXACTLY what your type of customers are searching the internet for, to find the products and services you offer is critical to great rankings with GREAT search engine traffic.

Remember the equation Traffic x Conversion% = Success?

It applies here too!!!!

What is keyword Research?

Keyword research is a strenuous and detail orientated process of looking at your target market and deciding what questions, help, words, and phrases customers would search for to find you.

If you are a University and have a department specializing in Engineering than a great keyword to be ranked for “Engineering Schools” or “Mechanical Engineering School” or “Engineering Degrees” …

Engineering Degrees alone get 165,000 searches a month! If your organization could get 10% of that traffic (16,500) and you converted at 1% that is 165 people a month in your email list that you are now building a relationship with to come to your school. That’s another extra 1,980 people a year just from one keyword, looking for what you have to offer!

How many SEO KEYWORDS do you want to find?

The beautiful thing is keywords are abundant but like I said earlier are different and hold different value. There exists 2 main types of search engine keywords, Short Tail and Long Tail.

  • Short Tail keywords are usually much harder to rank for, get tons of search volume, and are usually more general types of searches.
  • Long Tail Keywords are easier to rank for but don’t get a lot of search traffic. They are usually more specific too and are like laser guided missiles of SEO sales.

Short Tail Example: Computer Engineering : Search Volume: 450,000/month searches
Long Tail Example: Computer Engineering Degrees Online : Search Volume: 5,400/month searches

Great tools to use that can help with your keyword research are
Keyword Spy: Great program to find keywords, spy on your competition, and track your seo rankings.
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You can test this tool out for free on their website by clicking the image above.

Another tool that can be used but has seen some major changes over the last few months is the google keyword planner tool. It’s hooked up directly to adwords so it will be easy for you to buy PPC traffic with this tool after you do your SEO Keyword Research.

In the next post we will be talking about the dirty details of Keyword Research and how to do it properly to get success!!!

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