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How to sell features with benefits. 

Leverage: Using the benefits as the reason because the feature provides this benefit.

This product features this_______ which benefits you because ___________.

This feature benefits you because  ______ex: will provide you with more ____or protect from this ____scary thing____ .

This ___benefit_____ helps you feel secure knowing these features provide this_____.

These features are unique because _________ and this benefits you because ________.

This feature provides you with this benefit that you can’t find anywhere else.

This benefits you because you don’t have to be afraid of this __________ anymore and you are more safe and protected from _____________.

You need to have more ____benefit____ in your life and this _________ will do that because of this unique feature.

These are kind of all the same thing…

Just a little differences in feel. :)

Find the feelings you want to convey and convey them.

Emotions of buying
People make buying decision off of emotion.

If they are “comfortable” with making the decision.

Approaching this before it’s too late could overcome the stealth emotional objection by making the buyer consciously make the decision before the actual decision is ever made. #FuturePacing

Example: Are you comfortable making good financial decisions today?

Here’s another strategy to overcome trust using an Embedded command. 

Don’t even have to trust me, you can see for yourself!

See here: #LINK

And #link

And #link

And #link

Get the picture?

I # you!



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