Success and Ideas To Consider

Hey There! I will be without digital connection in Texas from this Tuesday for 10 days. I'm excited to go on this 10 day meditation retreat! Then I will be back in Iowa the following week. :) When I get back, we'll start working on our message and pre-sale. There's going to be hard questions asked and decision will need to make on our stance and angle on the market. It's necessary in order to market effectively. Please have patience with me and allow me to explain the … [Read more...]

Worst Problem For Business Owners And How To Fix It

Running a business without knowing your metrics is the worst way to run a business. When business owners guess or run business blindly they often times fail. The problem isn't with having the right technology to provide valuable information to make informed decisions. Nor is the problem with having access to the right people to decode the information and pull together the wisdom to navigate the ocean of the internet AND business. Yes, there can be high seas. Yes, there can be rough … [Read more...]

Best SEO in the World

Identifying the best SEO in the world is a very subjective matter and therefore difficult to narrow down to just one specific person or company, but there are definitely some SEO experts who are clearly better than the rest, and potentially deserving of the title, "Best SEO in the World!" Often times it's very difficult to find the top experts in this industry because the vast majority of them are the people that you have never heard about. They are just sitting behind their computers … [Read more...]

Why Improving Your Businesses Online Presence Is Critically Important

If you're a business, on some level, you need to make money to survive. But the problem is, business isn't about surviving, it's about thriving. The world is drastically changing everyday and more importantly it's moving online faster than ever before. Consumers go online before they buy. They look at reviews, testimonials, compare products and services, ask their friends on facebook, and check out rip off reports and the Better Business Bureau. Never before in the history of mankind … [Read more...]

Smart Business

By now the question you must be asking yourself. "Do I Run A Smart Business?" A Smart Business Gets Results Like This: 150 HOT Leads In 2 Hours 160,560% ROI $37,800 In 3 Days 10,258 New Visitors A Month On A New Website Without Purchasing Traffic $10,000,000 in 3 months To some of our clients the results were almost too scary. They Kept Asking Me If  It Is Even Legal? Of COURSE It Is But...  As You Will Continue To See, The Formulas You Will Be Learning Are 'Like' … [Read more...]