Top Performing CoolSculpting Clinic Recovers Lost Revenue

Attention Body Contouring Practices: Do you struggle with these core problems?

Do you have CoolSculpting Leads or other Body Contouring Leads coming into your office requesting help to reduce fat – BUT – they are outside the weight range of your medical devices?

Do you have potential customers who can’t afford multiple high dollar CoolSculpting sessions but have desire for a better solution?

If so, you’ll love this post!

Did you know?

Without a proper cross-sell product you are losing out on HUGE profits. In this post you’ll read how to protect yourself from a business blind spot 90% of Medtech Practices are facing. While turning that blind spot into a powerful strategic business opportunity to drive additional cash-based revenue in, month-after-month.

In fact, you’ll find out you’re losing a lot more than just profit for your business.

Let’s face the cold hard truth… when people find out they can’t get CoolSculpting and you don’t provide them a step-by-step solution to get into the weight range, you have potential customer feeling frustrated and unsupported. If you provided support, you would introduce them to a simple path-way to their goal. After they achieve their success, you have yourself a raving fan!

CoolSculpting and other body contouring devices are then a “CELEBRATION” to achieve their desired weight. Providing this pathway to reach that goal, they get to celebrate their achievements with YOU and CoolSculpting. How powerful of a human connection is that?

And if you Customer can only afford 2-4 cycles and they need additional weight loss, you will see in the video below how to help them while providing an additional revenue opportunity for your business.

Now, you have leverage and a system for success!

Plus, your clients will be more motivated to work with you because there’s a deeper connection. You cared. You helped. You supported.

And we all know the deeper you can connect with your customers, the more they spend with you.

And what about the customers who can’t afford multiple CoolSculpting cycles?

Watch the video to find out Innovations Health and Wellness’s solution to being the Top CoolSculpting Practice In New Jersey, Maximizing Revenues for their practice and recovering lost profits from providing this powerful pathway to their customers that is driving referrals, recurring monthly revenue, and CoolSculpting Cycles.

As an extra bonus, would you love to find out you can get FREE SALES SUPPORT while providing a central hub for customers to come back into your office, monthly, weekly, and even daily? I know this sounds too good to be true, but you will see the power of marketing engines and sales machines that drive top line revenue, and bottom line profits at a low cost of entry.

Schedule a time to chat with us to see if your business could benefit from this.

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