Facebook Advertising And The Secrets To Their AdExchange

I wrote this to help you grow your business much faster and a lot more easily.

Using Facebook Marketing Strategies among many other. Welcome to the World Of AdExchanges.

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One of the myths you’ll find many business owners having, they believe by having a website, people will magically find it and all of a sudden do business with them. AND that’s it.

Like the website alone changes human nature or something.

It’s a common miss belief and ok. I thought this too when I first got started.
We hear it all the time with people who are new to online advertising.

Basically online Advertising is connecting with human beings to help them in life whether with a physical-digital product or service.

Extending our reach online using the TRUE POWER OF THE INTERNET will make a difference.

It’s using technology to power the connection.


With beings who want to be buying from you.

Looking online, at your competitors, hopefuly you, everyones reviews.

They are shopping.

Where are you?

They want you to be online.

Where THEY are at.

And you can be.

And you want to be on the RIGHT WEBSITES at the right time.

But you must act now.

Cause the ones your customers are on are starting to be overtaken.

Yes, be more energetic about using the world-wide web.

The SEA of information and people that the whole world uses. Including your customers.

Other people just like you, are reading this post. Maybe even at the same time. {Spooky}

Right now MONSOONS of consumers and businesses are forming on the web.

Rushing around the internet on their phones, computers, tablets, glasses to get help.

If you want to help them.

Extend a helping hand.

Little farther of a reach.

Online here is the easiest way.

Reach with your well copy written website.

And you will get the boost in sales you actually want to help grow your business.

It’s really a simple solution you’ll learn here. http://j.mp/Facebook-AdExchange-Webinar

But first answer this question: “Where do my potential customers spend time online?”

Facebook. Google. Instagram, Linkedin. Youtube. News Sites. Blogs. Amazon. Spotify. Pandora. Mobile Apps. Gmail.

Let’s start simple.

With one.

One of the biggest.

The most targeted.

The most actively used.

Daily, hourly and every-minute.

How do you see what the potential demand for your product might look like?

What about using a software tool that will help big time.

Guiding you through the process while displaying ‪#‎data‬ nicely.

Where do you find a tool like this?

The answer will be of no surprise.

Did you know Facebook opens up their #data for you to leverage? AND they give it away for free?


Maybe because they want you to BUY ads from them?

Sure… this, I feel is a value first approach. And it’s got millions of people spending millions of dollars everyday.

What’s even sweeter, if you have an email list of your current customers you can create look alike-lists.

Email List = ‪#‎Asset‬

Let’s talk about the Facebook AdExchange to help you in Extending Reach to Get More ‪#‎TRAFFIC‬.

The picture below is an example of Facebook Ad Targeting. It’s almost scary how precise it can get!

denver likely to move - 100k+ yr fb ads screenshot-business.facebook.com 2016-02-27 21-46-05

This graphic image is a screen shot live example of people that are “about to move” in Denver, Colorado.
They are homeowners and make over $100,000 year.

Can you believe this is only 1 tab opened up?

This data is hot! And it’s ripe for sharing.

If you don’t have time to wait around this is perfect.

Can you see why this is so great for businesses wanting to increase their sales?

This sliver of an example is selling to a very specific audience.

Let’s match the psychology of your customers to this beast of a program.

Perhaps, ‪#‎Realtor‬ could sell this audiences house.
LIFT Moving Company could help them move.
Simply Storage Arvada could sell them a storage.
UPS could sell boxes and provide shipping.
GEICO could sell insurance.
All these companies could benefit from selling to this audience.
The power to help people if you just “reach out” is amazing.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Facebook BUYS MILLIONS of DOLLARS worth of #DATA from credit card companies,
public government organized databases, certain banks, internet providers, telecom and more.

They Are Data Rich.

And Yes, they KNOW a LOT!

And Now you can LEVERAGE their #Data to advertise with.

Take Away: It’s about using your#‎Relationship‬ with Facebook as an #Asset to help you create more financial ‪#‎assets‬.


Want to find out exactly “HOW TO USE FACEBOOK’s AdExchange to grow Your Business?”


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It’s cool when we Reach out to the RIGHT PEOPLE at the RIGHT TIME and with the RIGHT MESSAGE everything works so easily.

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