New Marketing Secrets Sculpting Clinics Use Right Now

Getting more CoolSculpting patients isn’t as tough as many Doctors and clinics think. The secrets to finding and directing tons of paying customers to your checkout can be technically complicated and psychologically sophisticated from the backend. But from your patients perspective it must always be simple and seamless.

When you are buying something do you like it easy or hard? Easy! Right?

This is actually an advantage for you. The technical expertise to effective marketing and investment costs keep most doctors out of the game. And why CoolSculpting Spas are kicking so much ass. The investment, mindset, marketing, and sales is what drives revenue. If you aren’t making enough revenue, your sales and marketing must be more effective. And this is what prevents new competitors from entering your territory and running you out of business.

It will take more money to knock out number one in a market then it took to get to number 1. Winners don’t die without a fight.

But in new markets, like CoolSculpting, the market sophistication level is still 1 and so the cost to get to number one or kick number ones ass, is actually easy if you know what to look for and what to do. If you want to beat number one, or lock in your spot for the next 3 years keep reading.

In this post, I’m going to de-engineer some of the best CoolSculpting Clinics in the United States and reveal strategies that worked to get more CoolSculpting Patients. You will see how getting new patients is a psychological process that organized in a new way that builds your business up for months.

Want more revenue from CoolSculpting? Keep Reading…

The philosophy behind this is to build a sales funnel to help you always have a full lead list with controllable mechanism to sell them whenever you want. You will always have to spend money to get more people, but that’s how marketing works. Money is fuel to acquire more leads and customers, except SEO which I will explain more of at the bottom of this post.
You will need a website. In our examples we’ll use wordpress.
Quality Built Site: $5,000 –

Then you will need quality marketing tools.

  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Remarketing Pixel

As the remarketing audiences start building, schedule a time to write a series of 7 blog posts to go on your website. After the first blog post send an email to your list and tell them about your New CoolSculpting machine. Why you love it… How it makes people look more sexy. Etc… At the bottom of the page insert an email opt in box to offer people email notifications when the next part of the story is revealed. Letting them follow along with the story. The people who opt in for this are HOT leads. They are raising their hands and saying, please just give me enough information to say, “YES!”

On this site you want to install a pop up site wide to inform people about your breakthrough New Fat Loss System that will freeze stubborn fat off for months in just a couple hours with a button the visitor can click. The button goes to the blog post above. “Read this remarkable story of Susan. 42 wife and mother of two lost inches and revitalized her confidence with this Revolutionary New Technology. Click here to read more.”

This starts to direct the flow of people who might be interested in CoolSculpting to the opening of your new CoolSculpting patient getting sales funnel.

Once the traffic is going to your page. Optin in. It’s time to send more traffic. If you have an email list, if not start building one because it’s the cheapest way to market to your audience and you are a fool for not having one and implementing a email marketing strategy. Seriously this is important. Money is in your email list. Email your list of clients to go to this new page to read the story. This should be the ONLY purpose of your email. One SIMPLE message directing people to this page. Everyone who clicks has a level of interst to removing stubborn fat on some type of psychological level. Whether it’s for them or someone they know.

Everyone who hits your new blog post will be able to be remarketed to because they were “pixeled” by your remarketing tags we talked about above. The people who go to this page will begin to receive advertisements from you when they are on Facebook, youtube, news sites, google search, and display networks. These people are your opportunities and now they simply need 7-14 impressions before they buy. Simple. The cost of a new CoolSculpting patient should cost around $287 to acquire if you are in a city of less than 500,000 people. If you sell 3+ CoolSculpting sessions you are making bank. PLUS, if you are a smart business person you will find other stuff that your client wants to buy… This gives you data to leverage to make more money. Keep reading as this will all come together nicely and you will have an automated CoolSculpting Patient getting machine.

After you send this surge of traffic to you blog post, check and see the conversion rate of your email opt in for this page. Having a heat map on this page for you to see how far people are scrolling down will help you find out where in the article people are getting turned off. If you are sitting around 20% or higher conversion rate you are doing good. If not, change the message right near the opt in box to drive more opt ins.

Now you will start seeing results, it’s time to send out a Facebook message on your page and boost it to your audience. Then boost it again to your target market with a very small budget. Make sure this post audience is set up for conversions. The point is to get people talking on the post. Engage with them, love on them, ask them questions.  Use the post as the midas touch. Everyone who touches it turns to gold.

Traffic to your blog post is increasing but the conversions may start to decrease a bit. This is natural. The smaller your market the faster your conversion rate may decrease.

Next it’s wise to start Adwords Search Marketing. Anyone who is searching for CoolSculpting in your local service area is doing “Buyer Research”. Meaning these people want to buy but are unsure at this point. They are trying to figure out if it’s right for them. Therefore your new blog post story is right up there ally. An adwords ad could look like.

Attention %City% CoolSculpting Fears
Breaking Story About Tiffany’s Cell Death
Thinking About CoolSculpting Then Read This

As you can see this is a shocker ad. The reason for this approach, everyone else is offering prices, specials, and the same corporate CoolSculpting message. All the adds look the same… YUCK! Stand out. Be different. Get noticed.

CoolSculpting Marketing Adwords Example

Ok so now your remarketing audience is growing. Your email list is growing. A few sales may trickle in. Especially if you have “Free Consultation” on your site and a link to your contact us page. But the big surge wont come in until we run a couple campaigns as you will see below.

Note about email automation:  Most business have email automation with companies like constant contact, mailchimp, infusionsoft, aweber, and more… But so 80% of these businesses are using the tool inefficiently. They do what everyone is doing that doesn’t get crappyresults. I highly recommend our highly satisfying email automation suite. We’ve partnered with Active Campaign, my favorite email automation software in the world. I’ve used them all and nothing, I mean NOTHING beats this amazing software. If you want to boost your emails marketing and getting better results, we are providing discounts and special add-ons for our Active Campaign suite that you can’t get anywhere else.

Topics of the following 6 Blog Posts:
How To Sit back Relax & Remove Fat Without Exercise, Surgery, Liposuction, or Painful Invasive Procedures.
What to watch out for when getting Coolsculpting.
Secret Story of a CoolSculpting Mom

Campaigns To Generate Leads

Local Event:
Ok so we are going to start with the highest converting campaign. Lunch N Learn…. Coffee and Sculpting… CoolSculpting Social Learn… whatever name you want to slap on it. The point is to pack chairs and sell to the audience. Many strategies and tactics are used to get more people there.
Traffic: Adwords Search Ads For CoolSculpting. Keep ad delivery locations within a 25 minute drive. Facebook remarketing. Send specific email to your list.
Conversion Page: Send traffic to a specific event opt-in page on your site.
Note: Common people make these fun! Most of them suck are boring and the closing rates are awful. You should be closing 30% from the field. Follow this specific process and CoolSculpting Clinics will sell more.

Win A Free CoolSculpting session:
Traffic: Facebook ads sweeping across audiences finding
Secret Sauce: Use a Viral Mechanism to expand reach.

Free Consultation:
Everyone and their mom is giving away a free consultation. Want to sell more? Invoke the law of reciprocity. Give them something free just for showing up. Like lotion. Every women wants smooth skin. And one of their concerns when they lose fat, loose skin. Prevent it and lock in your sale by giving this away for free for showing up. Then as a bonus, after they arrive give them two. One for their friend and ask them to “pass it on”.

Online Event – Google Hangouts Webinar
Sell CoolSculpting Online – I’ve sold over $15,000 in 1 – 60 minute webinar. And clinics should be too. If it doesn’t work for the client, refund. Easy. OR Referral. :)
Example: CoolSculpting is being sold on Groupon for heaven sake. It certainly can be sold on webinars. In fact, webinars sell at a higher percentage than on a page like this:

The magic to an online event, is the makeup of the event. Again, how do you keep edutainment? What is the process to filter out the wrong leads, keep the right people enchanted to watch to the very end while increasing desire for product, overcoming objections, and paving the way for future referrals?

If you do SEO on the other hand, this is typically a long term plan, will cost you a good investment but produces returns for a long-long-long time. Every ad we talk about below will cost you to run. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows you to get traffic to your site without paying per click. You might pay $3,000-$1997/month for a good Search Engine Specialist to service you. But the beauty is, they get you ranked. You get traffic for a long long time. Especially, when you implement our 7 series blog posts.

Free Coupon

These are killing it! It’s what we use for the CoolSculpting lead generation as it entices more people to take action now! If you would like more CoolSculpting leads and you don’t want to figure out all the technical stuff, you can buy them here: CoolSculpting Leads

Why Are Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists getting killed by the Spas?

Because these places are ran and marketed like profitable businesses. Doctors typically go to school to be a doctor. Not a business guru or marketing genius. So they are simply lacking in areas that Spa owners are really savy at, sales and getting more patients. If the surgeons and dermatologists would increase their hunger to grow their business, they could compete with the spas more successfully. At the end of the day, who’s best at business wins the market.

If you want to win the market, contact us. We are happy to join your team and help you beat the competition.

It’s a race to the top! Ready to take a rocket ship?

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