300% ROI On Medical Sculpting Leads [Video Inside]

How does that ROI sound to your CoolSculpting Business?

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Lisa from Prestige Medical in Omaha, Nebraska was struggling.

She couldn’t generate leads for her CoolSculpting business. Something happened with her marketing and she lost all her traffic. Nervous she contacted her CoolSculpting Business Development Rep asking for guidance.

The rep new of me from working with Dr. Eugene Cherny at Heartland Plastic Surgery in Des Moines, Iowa. Heartland kept bragging about us and suggested Lisa should get into contact with me as soon as possible.

Sure enough, desperate Lisa contacted me and signed up for our lead package.

Lisa immediately saw the huge value because she was spending over $5,000/month on Google Adwords, Facebook, TV and that was only generating her 15 leads. Her price per leads was HORRIBLE!

Getting her lead costs down below $50 per lead would be a game changer.

Sure enough, within 10 days her leads were coming in AND RED HOT!

She received over 150 leads in 45 days which is more than 10 times the number of leads she was getting just before contacting me.

In the last two weeks she closed 28 treatments and still has more leads than she knows what to do with!

The picture above was me finding out inside our leads spreadsheet messenger where all of her leads are delivered instantly and she can message me inside.

Basically, when a new lead fills out a contact form or calls our phone ads, everything is tracked and easy to find inside here. You will have something like this too!

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