How To Grow Your Medical Sculpting Practice – Part 1

“Millions of dollars will be made because of the information you will learn in this Free Med-Tech Device Marketing series. Guaranteed.”

Here’s why. The mystery of growing a successful healthcare business is built on the shoulders of great marketers and good sales people. Every business has a sales and marketing system, even if they don’t know it. Whether your sales process is “good” is dependent on its performance.  Your revenue is the only laser focused indicator of your marketing success.

Ask Yourself: Does my sales and marketing system drive the numbers I want to hit my goals and make me the money that I really want?

Better yet, will your marketing help you retire faster?

If not, keep reading. :) This article was written to help you in business. Help you in life. And help you win the game of business. Even if you’ve realized business may not be your forté.

In my time in healthcare marketing I’ve discovered a very important key to success. The process of your sales and marketing equates to the growth of your business. Each marketing campaign generates leads.  The sales process converts those leads into revenue. Customer experiences of the product, service, and your PROCESS equates to reviews, referrals, and rebuys.

That’s when it hit me right between the eyes. The performance of healthcare clinics can be looked at through a simple acronym.

LAS3R = Leads : Appointments : Sales : [Reviews, Referrals, Repurchase]

100% All You Need To Focus On When Growing Your Practice. 

You maybe asking yourself

  • How do I get more Leads?
  • How do I get more Applicants?
  • How do I get more Sales?
  • How do I get more Reviews?
  • How do I get more Referrals?
  • How do I get more customers to Repurchase?

Those are specifically the right questions to ask. And in this post I will touch on the first. You can also subscribe right here to get notifications when I post the next article, so subscribe for notifications of our next post on this series of LAS3R Focus.

For the remainder of the post, we’re going to discuss better understanding your prospects’ awareness and how it will generate new leads for you.

In the mind of the patient who bought CoolSculpting, a lot has happened.

Let’s take a typical CoolSculpting patient. Middle-aged women. Kids. Married. Middle to upper income.

Meet Debra. Debra has been been frustrated with her fat problems for years. She didn’t want any pain or surgery. Diet and exercise won’t help. She’s frustrated and just wants to look good. She discovered CoolSculpting on Facebook.  The revolutionary new remedy for fat reduction, the solution to her problem.

She started researching it online. Looking at reviews. Watching videos on Youtube. Reading blogs. Asking friends on social media. Once she believed it could work for her, she started looking for local clinics offering CoolSculpting. She Googled “CoolSculpting in Denver.” Looked at all the CoolSculpting facilities’ online reviews. Checked for more reviews. She entered a drawing to win a CoolSculpting procedure. She also called three facilities she likes and sets a Free Consultation.

Let’s break down the awareness process that the prospect took to buy. 

Level #5:  Unaware – Prospect is completely unaware of the need, or won’t admit it to themselves.

Level #4:  Problem Aware – Prospect realizes problem. (the problem-solving ad)

Level #3:  Solution Aware – Prospect wants what the product does, but doesn’t know there is a product that will do it for them.

Level #2: Product Aware – Prospect knows the product but hasn’t committed.

Level #1: Price & USP Aware – Prospect knows the products, knows what it does, and wants it. Shopping around for pricing, who to trust, and “stuff” that stands out.

Now, Debra is aware of the problem became aware of a solution. Found the product that matched her needs. Shopped for prices and facilities. Became a lead for three different CoolSculpting facilities. Now whom will she pick?

In this process, if you were one of the three locations Debra picked, you are now competing for business.

But the questions you have to answer are:

  • How does my offer stack up?
  • Do I have outbound callers closing sales?
  • Will my employees’ personalities win the sale?
  • How do I provide a unique selling proposition that no one else can?
  • Do I have automated marketing processes set up to do follow ups and help close sales?

As you see there are many variables to look at. But all of these can be overcome with a smart business process that is borrowed from the biggest booming industry in the world. Software.

Now, we saw the awareness process the prospects went through to buy. We want to find leads and help them “transcend” the levels of awareness to the top and buy from you! In order to do so, we have to insert marketing components into each step in order to help the future patient.

In the next article, I will talk about Lead Generation and what you can do to get a lot of them quickly. Find out the secrets CoolSculpting Clinics are using to grow their businesses almost overnight, leveraging the power of internet marketing. You will discover how to position your business at the right places, at the right time, to the right people who want to shed stubborn fat and feel better about themselves in the mirror and life.

If you know for sure you are ready to implement serious marketing systems to grow your CoolSculpting business and clinic, apply with the link below. I only work with a select few businesses each year to help them grow their business.

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